Translate your form to multiple languages

The form supports multiple languages. You can add a new language from Form Settings -> Languages.

Translation Dialogue

The message uses the format %(TheName)s as a placeholder that will be replaced with the corresponding value when the form is rendered. Translation needs to remain the same.

  • Placeholders must be written in ASCII characters.
  • It must start with % and end with s.
  • No spaces are allowed in the placeholder name.

You can edit translation directly on web page or export and import translated text in Excel format. You need to be aware of the following when translating and importing: - Excel worksheet name does not matter, only the first worksheet in Excel is used for import. - The first row is the title, which is ignored when importing. - Your translation must be in 3 columns, which means that only the third column of content will be imported. This format is the same format as the Excel you exported. - Import is an overwrite mode. For an empty cell, its translation is also reset to blank. - Any font style will be ignored. - In the current release, import does not support rich text messages. You need to translate rich text directly in our web version - those messages with text formatting toolbars.

Translation Language