After you build a form, you can send an invitation to users to complete the form. You can create an invitation either by going to the dashboard or from workflows.

To create invitation from the dashboard, hover on the form, click on the gear icon on the form, and then click on Invitation.

form invitation

To create invitation from workflows, click on Invitation at the top right action bar of the workflow.

Tracking Invitation

When creating an invitation, you have the option to enable or disable tracking. An email will be sent to the invited contact(s). The email contains a link to the form which can then be filled and submitted.

If tracking is enabled, a record of your invitation will be kept on the Invitations page. Also, in this mode you are able to do the following:

For invitation with tracking disabled, no record of the invitation will be kept once sent. In addition, you have less control in comparison to when tracking is enabled.

Email From and Email To

Only users on a paid plan can modify the EMAIL FROM field. The email address provided must be verified in accordance with the system’s instructions.

In the EMAIL TO field, you can enter up to five email addresses only. However, you can send invitation to unlimited contact groups.

Email Subject and Email Body

You may choose to change the default title in the email subject field and the default message in the email body. There are available variables which you can make use of in the EMAIL SUBJECT field and EMAIL BODY field respectively.

Variable used in the EMAIL SUBJECT must be enclosed in double curly brace. For example {{form_name}}.

In order to make use of variables in the EMAIL BODY, search for the variable in the search field, and choose the appropriate one(s) for your need.

Variables Available for Use in Email Body

You can see the list of the available variables for use in the search box within the EMAIL BODY.

form invitation

Send now or Schedule to Send

You can send invitations immediately or schedule them to be sent at a future time. For scheduled sending, you can set any time in the next 30 days.