When creating an invitation, you are limited to only five email addresses. To avoid this limitation, you can upload a comma-separated values (CSV) of contacts to FormCan.

To manage or upload contacts, go to the Invitations page. At the top of the page, click Contacts.

Upload Contacts

During the upload, you can select or add one ore more groups to add the contacts to.

form invitation

FormCan only expects three values for each contact in your CSV file - first name, surname, and email. Any other values will be ignored. Although the order of the values in your CSV file is of less importance, you must however ensure the values are mapped correctly to the appropriate fields after the upload is done.

form invitation

Managing Contacts

Once your contacts have been uploaded, you can find them listed on the Contacts page. A contact could have any of the three status:

At any time, you can modify your contacts information such as first name, last name, email, and groups they belong to.

Unused or invalid contacts can be deleted by going to Contacts page. Select the contact(s) and click on Delete at the top right.

Created contacts group can be modified or deleted when not needed anymore. To manage contact groups, go to Contacts page, and click on Manage Group.

N.B: Before you can delete a group, you need to remove all the contacts assigned to the group.

You can also filter and display contacts by their groups. To display contacts by group, on the Contacts page, select a group from the Filter by Groups drop-down field.