You can connect a web form to a Slack workspace and see the status of the submission via a preferred Slack channel or direct message. This is a new way to get instant notifications every time someone submits a completed form.

To integrate with Slack, go to the Forms menu and click “Integrate”.

Slack Integration

In the dialog that opens, select the app for Slack and click the “Add to Slack” button. You will be asked to log in to your Slack account and grant FormCan permissions. After a successful login, you can see the pane look like this.

Slack Integration

You can connect multiple workspaces, which are listed in the “Slack Workspaces” drop-down list. From the “Send message to” list, you can select a channel starting with ‘#’ or a direct message starting with ‘@’. You can add optional buttons that will open the form page to edit the submission. An optional message title will be the title of your Slack message highlight. The final step is for you to select which form field data will be displayed in the Slack message. After saving your settings, you can click “Send Test message”.

With this integrated setting, if your form receives any submissions, a Slack message will be sent to the specific channel.

Slack Messages

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