Stripe ( is one of the most popular payment processing service providers today. Now, FormCan can integrate with Stripe seamlessly to accept payments. With this integration, you can set a field for the amount or price. The form will ask the submitter to input the credit to complete the payment once they submit the form.

To integrate with Stripe, click the Integration menu item on the form (Located on the form context menu), then select Stripe. You can connect to Stripe in two modes: Test Mode and Live Mode. The Test Mode is used to preview your form. You can input a test credit card number ( to complete the payment. This mode will help you to verify whether the payment function is working as expected without an actual credit charge. On the other hand, the Live Mode is used in your published form. This mode accepts the valid credit and processes the payment. Note, FormCan won’t charge any fee in all your transitions.

web form stripe integration

Here’s a screenshot of the payment dialogue in the form preview:

web form accepts stripe payment

Here, you just need a test credit card to submit the form. In the live form, the payment process is similar to the preview form, except it needs a real credit card.

After the payment (Either from Test Mode or Live Mode), you can log in to your stripe account to check it. You can see whether it’s a test or actual payment by turning the View test data on or off. From our integration settings, you can customize this CUSTOMERS information except for the currency code.

web form view payment transitions