Zapier is extremely easy to use and currently is the most popular method to interconnect your favourite applications. With only a few clicks, the tools you use most frequently will hook up and data will flow through from one to the other in an automated manner. Now, we are excited to let you know that FormCan is officially integrated with Zapier as well. It brings the full power of FormCan to more than 4,000+ applications! When the submission of your form is successful, FormCan simply triggers a Zapier flow (which is called a “zap” by Zapier). Also, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and create your own zap, according to your needs, when it comes to automating your work. For example, you can send a Slack message to your team, import data into a Google Sheet, and to your CRM system!

Do you already know how to use Zapier? Then connect to Zapier here.

Zapier Integration

Here is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to create a zap for uploading the submission data into Google Sheets or upload form uploaded files to Amazon S3. You can start everything we talked about free of any charge!

Save form submission data to Google Sheets

Before you create this zap, you must create a google sheet with column headers. The headers are the title in your form data. For example, email, address, phone, submit date etc.

Setup Google Sheets File

Dig into the details

Because we want to help you connect different apps with ease, allow us to dig into some details. The data that FormCan passes to Zapier can be categorized as follows:

The submission metadata includes submission ID, submitted date, form URL, etc.

The files includes the attachments and signature in a PNG image format (if your form has a signature).

The submit data is a list consisting in submission raw data.

The data is a dictionary of submission data that is polished to improve the easiness of reading. For example, the data fields are concatenated to a human-readable format, e.g., ‘YYYY-MM-DD’; likewise, in raw data there could be multiple fields in this sector.