You can manage the submission by clicking the Actions link on each submission.


Re-Submit Form

This will open a form that pre-populates this submission data. You can change and submit this form again. This URL has the same functionality as below “Shared Edit Submission Link”, but this feature is protected by our system sign-in. Only the submission viewer has the permission to open this link. This will be useful if you don’t want to use the shared link feature below for security reasons.

Submission Revisions

If this submission is submitted again, our system records every update and save them as versions. View your versions by this Revisions link.


Share Submission

You can create the shared links for the form-uploaded attachments, or the form of this submission. These links are accessible to anyone on the Internet. No need to log in. Although you can disable sharing here, link sharing will automatically switch to enabled if any of the following features are triggered:


Security Tip: If your documents need to be kept confidential, please consider them carefully before using these shared links. It is recommended to reset the share with a shorter due date.