After submitting the form, FormCan will create a completed PDF using the form name. You can update the name on the Title dialogue. Not only can you set a fixed file name, you can also set the name pattern to create a PDF file name from the variables. For example, sample-{{index}}-{{yyyy-mm-dd}}-{{data.fid3}} will be converted to sample-8-2018-10-11-Jobs. This assumes that the submission date is 2018-10-11; It is the 8th submissions of this form; The field fid3 is filled with Jobs. FormCan will automatically add file extension name, i.e, .pdf or .zip.

Custom PDF File Name

Currently, the supported variables can be:

Get the field ID in form editor

Form Field ID

Note that when Cloud Drive is enabled, FormCan will automatically add {{index}} in the file name pattern. This will prevent the created file from being overwritten due to duplicate names.